Villa gardens and public gardens of Tuscany

The giardini all'italiana of Tuscany, Italy

Villa gardens and public gardens of Tuscany

The garden pond at Villa Gamberaia

In Tuscany, as well as in Rome and elsewhere in Italy, a giardino all'italiana, an italianate garden, is characterised by elegance and symmetry, with topiaried hedges, descending tiers of terraces, plants potted in large terracotta jars, statues, cascades and fountains, all designed to complement the architecture of the villa. This style of garden made its appearance during the early Renaissance, based on Roman precursors as interpreted by Alberti and other historians, architects and artists. The italianate garden had enormous influence on garden design in England and especially in France. With the burgeoning English presence in Florence and other parts of Tuscany during the 19 C and early 20 C, there was a resurgence of garden design as neglected villas were bought or leased and renovated by prominent members of the Anglo-Florentine community.

Throughout Tuscany there are public and private villa gardens in the classic style that can be visited by the public. It's highly recommended that visitors to Florence devote at least a day to visiting one or more of these beautiful villas and gardens, many of which are described on the Gardens of Tuscany website.

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